Our Story

Established in 2010, Flat Planet® is a family-owned, Australian-operated firm run by Chris & Jenny Moriarty. A pioneer in offshore staffing, we offer an unparalleled competitive advantage to businesses from all over the world by providing access to Southeast Asia’s economical labour market.

It all started in founder Chris Moriarty’s garage after realising how much Australian service businesses would benefit from reduced staffing costs. Fast forward, and today we have offices in the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia, with 400+ staff working for clients worldwide.

Our work environment features state of the art technology infrastructure and a measured blend of local and Australian management practices, enabling us to provide best in class services that are cost-effective. We are proud to create pathways to a better future, helping businesses gain access to a globally competitive workforce, while helping individuals gain access to globally competitive opportunities.

A word from our founder

“At Flat Planet, we believe in the transformational power of opportunity. We believe that everyone across the world should have equal access to opportunity; businesses and individuals alike. Of course, we understand that equality is an ideal and not always a reality. Many parts of the world have more opportunities than people, while other places have more people than opportunities. Our mission is to flatten out this disparity. We achieve this by connecting businesses with an exceptional professional workforce in Southeast Asia. We are an enabler for business transformation – boosting productivity, profitability and unlocking growth for our clients. And at the same time, we enable personal and professional transformation for our employees. It’s incredibly satisfying to be able to create a path that leads to a better future for our clients and staff. This is why we do what we do.”

 Chris Moriarty CEO/Managing Director