Calculate the Benefits

Saving money does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality. You can actually access a bigger skilled talent pool.

Our transparent pricing model means you are in control of your talent’s salary over time for retention. You pay the same fees to us per employee per month, regardless of role, it is only the salary and benefits of the staff that varies. This also means you’re clear on what we get paid, and what the staff gets paid.  Generally, you can expect to pay about 33% of the fully-loaded cost of hiring in Australia or the US.  Why? Due to different regulations, cost of living and lowered support costs in the Philippines vs Australia and USA.

This includes their full time salary and benefits, health insurance, working to your office hours, your public holidays, as well as our wrap-around support services in Australia and the Philippines.

Comparison with United States based staff (USD)

Comparison with United Kingdom based staff (GBP)

Comparison with Australian based staff (AUD)

Source: Salaries as per