Case studies

Large Australian Charity – developers

All business’s need to save money! But this large not for profit, is run largely by volunteers. We’ve saved them about $800K per annum and that money goes back where it belongs. To the people they support.

Shipping – customer service

We’ve been partnering with this business since their start up days and have witnessed and supported their amazing evolution. Our team for them has also evolved with the needs of the business. As they’ve become more sophisticated we’ve been able to pivot and hire the best quality people to support their growth.

Travel industry – booking fulfillment 

The travel industry has boomed post covid, and we all know how this industry is struggling to attract and retain competent staff. 

Our Sydney/US client was struggling to be able to restart as international travel resumed globally post covid.  They needed travel fulfillment staff who have an exceptional eye for detail. A mistake here is a ruined holiday for you!  Our client has a team now that flexes with the season, and working to the time zones they need. Saving them money, and delivering to the highest standards for their clients.

Accounting and book keeping.

Accounting is one of the hardest to fill roles in Australia right now, with staff moving for 25% salary increases. It’s a very difficult hiring market.  

Accounting is something that off shores well, and we have hired and retained teams of accounting staff from senior accountants to zero book keepers for a number of clients. 

And yes there is the cost saving, but more importantly GET the staff they need to deliver to clients now. 

Building industry – engineers/quantity surveyor 

The building industry is struggling with lack of staff, and rising costs. Many going to the wall. Our clients in this industry have been smart enough to lock in quality engineers, quantity surveyors and QA assessors. Savings of at least 50% off local costs.