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Why We Built Our Own Staff Management App

In the outsourcing industry, the success of managing an offshore team hinges heavily on transparency and constant communication between all stakeholders on both sides.

The lack of personal, physical interaction can seem daunting and may widen any gaps, creating bigger misunderstandings and conflicts, if there are no processes for remote supervision and communication.

Flat Planet, as the partner-of-choice for a wide range of mid-market businesses, understands this concern and endeavors to eliminate business and operational risks through its own custom built and recently revamped app, Flat Planet iNSIGHT. As well as our seven years of experience in managing hundreds of employees in the Philippines, and dozens and dozens of bespoke client engagements.

With Version 1.1 released just recently in May 2017, Flat Planet iNSIGHT allows managing offshore employees to be an intuitive activity that easily integrates into your everyday workflow.

It is a mobile platform that comprehensively updates clients with daily information about their Flat Planet employees, in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are in the world.

      The custom-designed technology addresses client concerns by creating a “live dashboard” for their teams, which also shows historical metrics. This enables technology to help close the gap between different geographies, office locations and time zones.

Flat Planet iNSIGHT has been designed to show:

• Real-time updates of staff time-in and time-out

• Pre-approved leave, classified by type

• Upcoming shift schedules, upcoming leave and rest days

• A prioritised and filtered view of staff attendance

• Key employee ‘HR personnel file’ information

• Historical time and attendance

• A scorecard summarizing team attendance status


Flat Planet iNSIGHT also has filtered functions that show staff categorized into their own teams, according to attendance status or sub-team. This can allow a line manager on the client side to only see the staff reporting directly to them, but an executive to have visibility across all teams.

The app allows for optional push notification so clients are informed of their team’s attendance, birthdays, work anniversary, and other milestones.

In the upcoming evolution and new versions of the app, Flat Planet iNSIGHT will be the central hub for all our clients. It will enable them to approve staff leave requests, answer short satisfaction surveys, evaluating the performance of staff, without leaving the app.

Flat Planet iNSIGHT is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store, exclusively for Flat Planet clients.

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