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Head of Finance Always on the Grind

Eileen, the new leader of the Finance team of Flat Planet, just joined the company in January 2017. She has a degree in Accountancy, an MBA, and is also a CPA who has amassed more than a decade of experience in finance. Coming into Flat Planet, Eileen had sensible expectations about working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organisation, and is glad to have gained a better view and appreciation of the industry.

“This is my first time working for a BPO company, and I expected a fast-paced, diverse environment which would allow me to work with different people inside and outside the walls of the company. In my previous jobs I was tied down to performing very specific tasks, whereas Flat Planet has given me flexibility in terms of what I can do for the company,” she said. Eileen considers Flat Planet as an excellent opportunity to gain a significant understanding of the BPO world.

Even though Eileen is a new addition to the company, her typical work day is packed. “I manage finance and accounting, prepare financial statements for management, and contact clients as I’m also in charge of collecting payments. I like touching base with clients because they’re very accommodating, and when you’re courteous towards them it’s easy for them to reciprocate the gesture,” Eileen said.

“I like being in Flat Planet,” Eileen asserted. “It’s a convenient location for me, I enjoy working with my team, and I’ve adapted well to the company culture.”

Outside of work, Eileen still makes time for work as she likes to keep tabs on all the tasks she’s doing. But when she’s home she’s a consummate mother who savors her time with her one-year-old daughter. “She’s turning out to be a very smart and active child,” she added. “I just hope she doesn’t inherit my sweet tooth!” When she’s not taking care of her baby, Eileen likes to read either love stories, or the news. “Nowadays it’s mandatory to be updated with what’s going on in the world.”

Finance teams usually can’t take extended vacations as they have huge responsibilities to the company and the staff. Given a hypothetical situation wherein she could take a long vacation, she said she would fly her family to India. “My husband is Indian, and India has been our second home. What I like about the country and its people is that they mirror the Filipino value of hospitality. They’re very warm towards guests, and they also have a similar Filipino habit of making people feel welcome through food.”

But even on vacations, you can’t take work away from Eileen. “I’m the type of person who always has to have an Internet connection anywhere I go because I have to keep track of what’s going on in the office.” Given this hypothetical situation, we hypothetically hope Eileen’s daughter distracts her away from work with some dessert!

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